DAPPA 2015 Vintage - Silver Winner

Devon Distillery Ltd are delighted to announce that they have won a Silver award in the 2016 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) for Dappa 2015 Vintage.

Founded in 1969, the IWSC is considered to be the most prestigious competition of its kind in the world. The awards given by the competition are believed to be among some of the highest honours in the industry. Judging for the Competition is unique in that it has two stages; first, the products are tasted blind by expert panels, selected from over 300 fully experienced and qualified industry judges. Products which receive the top medals are then subject to technical analysis before results are released; this crucial stage ensures winners receive complete validation.


Dappa is made from the red grape skins that are a by-product of making red wine; these skins are known as pomace. During the red wine production, the skins are fermented with the juice to impart their flavours and colour.

When the fermented red grapes are pressed, alcohol soaks into the skins and remains there even after pressing. It is these skins that are collected and brought to the distillery for processing.

Crucial to the quality of the finished product is the freshness and quality of the raw material used to make Dappa. Devon Distillery selects only the best red grape skins from the finest English vineyards. Extracting the best flavours requires the skins to be processed as soon as possible after they are pressed at the winery, within 72 hours. You can fin out more about our distilling process here.

Cosmo Caddy Owner of Devon Distillery

Cosmo Caddy

“It is a great achievement to win another IWSC Silver Award for our 2015 Dappa vintage to add to our  awards to previous vintages.  Considering the IWSC is such a prestigious competition I am utterly thrilled and proud to have our products proving their quality year after year”