Here at the Devon Distillery, we consider ourselves the best of the best when it comes to the production of Grape marc spirit (grappa to you and me), which when brewed at our fine establishment in Devon is, naturally, Dappa. But we’re not alone in the creation of gorgeous grog and tantalising tipples. In recent years the artisans of Britain have really been raising the bar.

Here are some of our favourite fellow boutique distillers from around the UK…

 Black Cow Vodka, DorsetBlack Cow - Boutique Distillery

On the west coast of Dorset can be found a small boutique distillery brewing the world’s only Pure Milk Vodka.

What is Pure Milk Vodka?

We’re glad you asked. Invented by dairy farmer Jason Barber the day he decided to combine his love of dairy with his love of liquor, this smooth sip is brewed from the whey left over after the milk from Jason’s dairy herd has been separated. The curds are transformed into a tangy, tasty cheese, and the whey is fermented into beer, which is then distilled and treated using a top secret blending process known only to Jason (and, presumably, the cows…).

The vodka is then triple filtered, hand bottled, and sold with a delicious round of Black Cow Deluxe Cheddar.

Blackdown, Sussex South Downs

Blackdown supply a luxury selection of finely crafted spirits, brewed in the oldest distillery in Sussex. Set in the sprawling ancient woodlands once occupied by Lord Alfred Tennyson himself, it doesn’t get much more picturesque or British than this.

Blackdown proudly use only British suppliers, and concoct their liquid libation in small but perfectly formed batches. Top tipples include Silver Birch Vermouth and Silver Birch Vodka, Sussex Dry Gin, and a selection of tantalizingly flavoured liqueurs, meads, wines, and bitters.

The London Distillery Company, Battersea

The first whiskey distillery to operate in London since Lea Valley shut its doors for the last time over a hundred years ago, The London Distillery Company is on a mission to provide superior, home-brewed whiskey to the British public.

They’re fermenting booze with character – literally. The copper stills used in the distillery are called Christina and Matilda. Even the cold vacuum still has a name; Little Albion. (We’re not sure which is cuter, the fact it’s a Lil’ still, or the fact they named it after England.)

It’s going to be a while before their signature amber nectar is ready to drink, but in the meantime they have two delicious gins on offer, Dodd’s Gin and Kew Organic Gin.

Warner Edwards, Northamptonshire

Warner Edwards is another craft distillery worthy of a sonnet or two. Operating from a two hundred year old barn on Falls Farm, in Harrington, the company creates exceptional gin in bespoke flavours distilled from the hedgerow botanicals on the farm.

The water used in the distilling process is from a natural spring a few hundred metres from the barn, and their flavours include a couple of classics, like Sloe Gin a
nd Dry Gin, along with a few intriguing originals, including Elderflower Gin, Rhubarb Gin, and Melissa Gin (brewed with Lemon Balm).

Want to know more about our own bespoke brewing process? Check out the finer details of Dappa, or just dive right in and snag a bottle of the good stuff…