At Devon Distillery we are proud to be making unique and interesting spirits to the highest possible quality.  We continue to enjoy the innovation and experimentation needed to bring you our own versions of classic spirits.  The passion and enthusiasm of our whole team is one of the key ingredients behind every one of our local, national and International awards.  

And now…

Following on from the success of our original products and after many hours, days, and months of experimenting, testing and sampling… (it’s a hard life!) we have perfected the recipes for Chocolated and Sloed Gin

And then… 

Realising that there were more opportunities for our fabulous Dappa spirit we looked to see which other iconic Italian drinks could be worked on. Always looking to be different, yet authentic using only the best ingredients and methods we went about developing our superb aged grappa, Dark Fire and our refreshing take on limoncello, Devoncello. 

It began.. 

To produce an English grappa was a passion for our founder, Cosmo Caddy. Travelling to Italy to learn the traditional techniques as well as commissioning the production of an authentic grappa still, the beginnings of Devon Distillery were formed. Sourcing only the best grape skins from English vineyards and staying true to those time honoured production methods apprenticed in Italy, continues to be fundamental in creating the first English, internationally award-winning, grape marc spirit, Dappa.

“A delightful amber tone in the
glass, with good clarity. The nose is an inviting
meld of marc grapiness and sherry nuttiness.
The palate is certainly lively, and spirituous,
with a touch of smoke.
We find it somewhat youthful and firey,
but complex, well crafted, well considered.”