We’e just been featured in an article in the Guardian newspaper, extolling the virtues of a variety of companies around the UK working to produce international products on British soil.

As well as our very own Dappa, companies featured include a potato farm in Scotland distilling vodka (Ogilvy Vodka), a Cassis firm in Herefordshire (British Cassis) and a company producing wasabi (The Wasabi Company). It was great to read about their work and how it parallels our own – each battling with similar problems and looking to carve a niche for themselves.

“It’s great to see more and more artisan producers popping up across the UK. With Brexit pushing the pound’s value down, importing isn’t as easy as it once was – there’s a definite benefit to creating more products right here in Blighty.”
– Cosmo Caddy, Owner of the Devon Distillery

You can read the whole article here, including quotes from our very own Cosmo Caddy!

Photo courtesy of Adam Fradgley / Exposure