At Devon Distillery we are proud to be making unique and interesting spirits of the highest possible quality. We continue to enjoy the innovation and experimentation needed to bring you our own versions of classic spirits. The passion and enthusiasm of our whole team is one of the key ingredients behind every one of our local, national and International awards.

Dappa bottle, grappa glass, espresso coffee on a grey background


Our award-winning version of grappa is made from the finest grape skins, sourced from English vineyards. This pomace is upcycled after the winemaking process as we carefully distil only the best alcohol using our custom-built Italian copper still. The product of this distillation is Dappa; aged in a tank for a minimum of 12 months. Still a young and earthy product, the clean and smooth finish of Dappa has won multiple international awards.

Dark fire, aged grappa, bottle and two tumblers with dark liquid


Dark Fire is our award-winning Marc. We take careful selections of our original Dappa to be aged in a Pedro Ximenez sherry barrel, finishing this incredible spirit. The earthy, fiery spirit is tempered with cherry, berries and apricot tones. A real sweetness develops alongside a smokiness that lingers on the palate.

Yellow liquid in bottle, next to two petit liqueur glasses and some sorbet in a glass bowl


Determined not to waste a drop, we have crafted this traditional-style liqueur using organic Sicilian lemons and our Dappa spirit. Devoncello, lovingly created over several months, is given all the time it needs to steep and realise its fresh, zingy and crisp flavour. A wonderful digestif, as an ingredient in desserts or as part of a cocktail, this versatile spirit is a must have for the discerning drinker.

Red liquid in bottle next to two liqueur glasses filled with reddish liquid


Utilising a custom-distilled fine gin, this Sloed gin is a refreshing update to the standard sloe gins usually available. The fruit is left for only a short time, allowing the sweetness and fruity feel to be imparted whilst retaining a satisfying gin flavour. A wonderful light and refreshing take on a sloe gin.

Brown deep ruby liquid in bottle with two v shaped liqueur glasses and ice cream in a glass bowl with liquid over and around it


Chocolated has been thoughtfully created using the finest cacao nibs, and just a touch of vanilla. A luxurious and decadent chocolate liqueur that is deep ruby in colour and has velvety tones with a smooth syrupy texture.
Chocolated has a rich and luxuriant chocolate nose that is mouth-wateringly inviting to the senses. On the palate, the chocolate is king, with a subtle finish of vanilla.