So first, a quick overview!

Dappa is Grappa – a Grape Marc Italian after-dinner spirit made from red grape skins, after the wine making process. Cosmo at Devon Distillery has the only licence in the UK to distill Grappa and as a nod to its Devonian roots, it’s fondly named Dappa.

We’re proud to announce that it’s been accumulating awards since the Distillery’s creation in 2012. Notably, our 2015 Vintage won Silver at the International Wine and Spirit Awards – it was named in the top 13 best Grappa’s in the world and we were the only one chosen for that honour outside of Italy.

Dappa is a very well-travelled spirit indeed…

We like to make sure our creations see the world at every opportunity.

One of our little bottles was lucky enough to travel around Asia with Auntie Claire.

Dappa in Beijing

One of the highlights was visiting the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

Shanghai Tower Dappa

That trip also included wonderful views of the Shanghai Tower











Mongolia Dappa

That special 5cl also made it to the Gobi Steppes, Mongolia

On a separate trip, Dappa visited South America with Cosmo himself. 9 countries were visited in only 10 days!

One of the first stops was in the Falklands – friends were made in the form of some incredibly curious penguins. They were very happy just pottering around and investigating all the tourists. From there our Mini Dappa saw Columbia, Chile & Peru among others. It was definitely a whistle-stop tour!


These happy penguins enjoyed meeting our Mini Dappa


Dappa outside the House of Pizarro in Lima, Peru.


Mini Dappa enjoying the view over Santiago, Chile


Funicular fun and amazing views of Bogota

It was quite the undertaking and all in time to get back for the Christmas Rush!

Cosmo is definitely looking forward to a return visit in the future, to explore some of these beautiful countries much more thoroughly!