At Devon Distillery we are proud to be making unique and interesting spirits to the highest possible quality.  We continue to enjoy the innovation and experimentation needed to bring you our own versions of classic spirits.  The passion and enthusiasm of our whole team is one of the key ingredients behind every one of our local, national and International awards.  

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Devon Distillery is a fun place to work, where the staff are recognised as the biggest asset of the business and the culture of work is reflected by them. There are systems in place for recognition of staff achievement and career progression and staff are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. We are a diverse employer, with competitive rates of pay and excellent benefits.

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A Day in the Life of a Distiller

Meet Gabby… Gabby is the Head of Production at Devon Distillery. Here’s what she has to say about her days working with us.

“Its great working here with a fab team of people who are really supportive of each other. There are always new creations to make and taste (responsibly of course). Great perks like tots to take home, team bonding at the local and working for a company that really feels like it cares about its employees. I guess when it comes to my role especially, my tasks are really quite varied. Things like issues with the production line to fixing stills give me many opportunities to demonstrate lateral thinking and problem-solving and when they work, give me a real sense of pride and satisfaction. My days always varied, making excellent spirits with different recipes.”

It began.. 

Cosmo Caddy, the founder of Devon Distillery, has quality alcohol production in his DNA. Cosmo’s grandfather created Sharpham Vineyard in beautiful South Devon and the first vines were planted in the same year as Cosmo was born. Being surrounded by and involved with the award-winning quality of Sharpham wines all of his life has given Cosmo a strong foundation on which to launch Devon Distillery.

In 2012, moving back to Devon after living in California, Cosmo spotted the potential to create a new and unique product for the UK. While making a number of research visits to Northern Italy he met, and was mentored by Marco, whose family has a long tradition of being award-winning grappa producers in the area.

Armed now with knowledge and experience of production in Italy, Cosmo was inspired to create a UK version of a drink he had come to love.

“A delightful amber tone in the
glass, with good clarity. The nose is an inviting
meld of marc grapiness and sherry nuttiness.
The palate is certainly lively, and spirituous,
with a touch of smoke.
We find it somewhat youthful and firey,
but complex, well crafted, well considered.”