Still On The Move

Mobile, Bespoke & Delicious


Devon Distillery is pleased to introduce Still on the Move and ‘Ginny’, a 1973 VW Pickup, rescued lovingly restored and put back to work. The result? Still on the Move was born. With this unique vehicle, Still On The Move can travel anywhere in the UK to create your very own bespoke gin, from our beautiful Italian copper still Prosperity”, flavoured with your choice of a variety of spices and botanicals.

She creates unique gins for any event – weddings, corporate events and private parties – as well as ‘house gins & rums’ for bars, pubs and restaurants.

In 2018 we added Mack our unique 4 headed still to our service offering to work alongside “Prosperity” enabling us to create 4 unique gins at a time!

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Some of the Events & Businesses we have created Unique Craft Gins for:

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