Grappa is a delicious and versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. But what exactly does grappa taste like?

The Piquancy In The Pomace…

Grappa is distilled from pomace, the mulch of stems, seeds, and grapes left over after the winemaking process is complete. The exact taste of grappa depends a great deal on the pomace from which it was distilled. A mulch with lots of grape-goodness has a smooth and very refined taste. A mulch comprised mainly of seeds and stems will be a little more coarse.

At Devon Distillery we use only the best where pomace is concerned, and truly ferment a fragrant and tangy grappa, or as we like to call it Devon, Dappa.

Cousin Cognac…

As a boutique distillery we cultivate our own unique flavour, but as a general rule, grappa has a flavour profile relatively similar to cognac.

This is unsurprising considering the distilling methods are similar, but grappa is a decidedly sweeter sip than cognac. It’s tricky to pin down an exact flavour because it comes in all the wide and wonderful varieties produced by the blend of grapes on which each batch is based.

Platinum Grappa, for example, tastes like soured plums with a honey twist, because it’s distilled from Amarone pomace, the remnants of grapes going into Recioto di Amarone, a sweet dessert wine.

Dappa has an even sweeter edge than traditional grappa, offering a smooth, delicious drink you’re sure to relish.

Refined Digestive…

Much like cognac, grappa is also regarded as a fine digestive, and is often enjoyed as an after dinner treat.

Grappa is the happy hipster medium between the gentleman sipping Courvoisier, and the outlaw necking Jaegermeister.

The Age Factor…

The final factor in how grappa tastes is age. Grappa grows increasingly sweeter the longer it is aged.

When first distilled, grappa tastes quite sharp, even a little harsh. A quality grappa is aged for the perfect amount of time in order to refine the bouquet and flavour of the unique batch.

Sweet Heavenly Fire…

Cheap and cheerful brands tend to be distilled from lower quality pomace, and taken straight from the still. Without high quality grapes or time to season, the results earned the drink its nickname: ‘firewater’.

Quality grappa is a very different animal, with diverse tones of berry sweetness and a variety of soft and subtle overtures, from honey to caramel and treacle.

If you truly want to know what grappa tastes like, you’ll need to sample the goods yourself. Grab yourself a sample of Dappa and dive right in. It’s a sweet shot of heavenly fire.