• What's in the Box1 x 50ml Devon Dry Gin 1 x 50ml Warm and Spicy Gin 1 x 50ml Christmas Sunset Gin 1 x 50ml Wild and Green Gin 1 x 50ml Hopping Mad Gin 1 x 50ml Festive Strawberry Gin 1 x 50ml Navy Strength Winter Gin 1 x 50ml Winter Wonderland Gin 1 x 50ml Winter Dry 1 x 50ml SloeD Gin 1 x 50ml Dappa 1 x 50ml Devoncello 
  • SloeD Gin has been carefully crafted using Devon Distillery’s especially tailored gin, infused with local sloe berries. Embracing the slightly slower pace of life at Devon Distillery, the infusion was given as long as it wanted to develop this wonderful flavour.A smooth floral liqueur made with an Elderflower Gin base steeped with Sloes and just a touch of sugar.Available in 35cl and 5cl bottles
  • What's in the Box1 x 50ml Christmas Orange Twist Gin 1 x 50ml Christmas at the Beach Gin 1 x 50ml Christmas Spice Gin 1 x 50ml SloeD Gin 1 x 50ml Dappa 1 x 50ml Devoncello 
  • A single bottle of our 2015 vintage. Now over a year matured for a complex, subtle taste. We carefully package our bottle and send it straight to your door.The whole process is handled at our distillation centre in South Devon, England. We distill, bottle, label and package on site, with love and attention to detail put into every single bottle.

    Awards & Recognition

    We put a huge amount of love, passion and hard work into our Dappa, so every small bit of recognition we get is valued and cherished. Here are some of the awards our 2015 vintage has received so far:
    • Silver @ The International Wine & Spirit Awards 2016
    • Two Star @ Great Taste Awards 2016
    • Silver @ The Food & Drink Devon Awards
    "Such a subtle flavour! I'm not usually a spirit drinker, but this doesn't have the harshness of most strong spirits. My new favourite after dinner tipple!"
    - KM, Dappa Devourer
  • Devoncello is distilled by hand in Devon using an authentic Italian copper still, using triple distilled Dappa, and then steeped in Organic Lemons. It is finished with just a little sugar and a little Devonian Spring Water.
  • Gift Vouchers for 1 Session at the Devon Rum School at the Shops at Dartington. The session can be shared by up to two people but will only be using one still and create one Rum.£100 Voucher can be used for Fri, Sat & Sun SessionsThe vouchers will be sent FOC via 2nd Class Post and contain a unique code that can be used on the site as payment when booking