Dappa – 2016 Vintage – 35cl Single Bottle

Dappa – 2016 Vintage – 35cl Single Bottle


A single bottle of our 2016 vintage. Now over a year matured for a complex, subtle taste. We carefully package our bottle and send it straight to your door.

The whole process is handled at our distillation centre in South Devon, England. We distill, bottle, label and package on site, with love and attention to detail put into every single bottle.


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Dappa is the Devon variation on ‘Grappa’, a popular Italian after-dinner drink.

We use grape skins from vineyards around England to produce the spirit in authentic, bespoke copper stills. The skins would otherwise be simply thrown away – so we couldn’t have that! Instead, we collect them and turn them into a strong, tasty spirit – the 2016 vintage is 42% ABV.