Christmas Taster Box – 12 Drinks of Devon Distillery

Christmas Taster Box – 12 Drinks of Devon Distillery


What’s in the Box

1 x 50ml Devon Dry Gin
1 x 50ml Warm and Spicy Gin
1 x 50ml
Christmas Sunset Gin
1 x 50ml
Wild and Green Gin
1 x 50ml
Hopping Mad Gin
1 x 50ml
Festive Strawberry Gin
1 x 50ml
Navy Strength Winter Gin
1 x 50ml
Winter Wonderland Gin
1 x 50ml
Winter Dry
1 x 50ml
SloeD Gin
1 x 50ml
1 x 50ml


Twelve Drinks of Devon Distillery  

Dappa – Having won 16 medals since 2013 for our Dappa, it is no wonder it takes pride of place in this tasting box. Dappa is a fiery, earthy, powerful drink that has a long palate, best served chilled as a digestive. 

Devoncello – Our take on a Limoncello, we take our raw spirit and redistill with Lemon before steeping lemons in it for four months. The result is a zesty lemon drink with the depth of our Dappa. 

SloeD gin – Aiming as ever to create a spirit a little different from the rest, our sloe gin has the fruitiness of the sloes, whilst retaining the freshness of the elderflower gin. Subtle and warming, a delicious tipple for a chilly day. Or try a drop in prosecco for an easy cocktail! 

Devon Dry Gin – One of our favourites, this is our take on a London dry. It has a depth of flavour, strong juniper notes, a traditional dryness and hints of citrus.  

Warm and Spicy Gin – This gin has a North African spice influence using grains of paradise and also cubeb. Its dry and a little warming as the name would suggest. Serves well with a regular tonic and lime.   

Christmas Sunset Gin – combining some unusual botanicals including gorse flower, this gin is perfect for a chilly sunset. Serves well with Lemon and Rosemary, or you could try it neat over ice to pick out the coconut-ish flavour of the gorse.  

 Wild and Green Gin – Using Isle of Wight Rosemary this gin is fresh and herby. Serves well with a regular tonic or for a citrus delight try a grapefruit tonic.  

Hopping Mad Gin – Introducing beer hops and malt for a unique flavour, the gin is balanced carefully with citrus to create an unusual and refreshing gin.  

Festive Strawberry Gin – A taste of summer strawberries combines with winter notes of cinnamon and vanilla to create a festive strawberry and cream gin. Serves well with a sweet tonic or perhaps for something different try a cloudy lemonade.  

Navy Strength Winter Gin – A bold gin, unapologetically juniper led, this overproof gin is dry and powerful. Not one for the fainthearted!  

Winter Wonderland Gin – A floral gin with notes of rose and winter spice, this gentle gin is subtle and refreshing. Serves wonderfully with a hibiscus garnish and a regular tonic.  

Winter Dry – Combining 17 different botanicals this is a completely different gin, it carefully balances sweetness and dry notes, citrus and floral with just a hint of spice to create a truly unique spirit. Serve with a regular tonic, not too much as you’ll want to explore the botanicals in the spirit!