70cl Bottle of Gin with Personalised Label

70cl Bottle of Gin with Personalised Label


Label Designer Instructions:

Click on the Label Image in the product Designer.

Then select a base design from the options on the right. You can select a Blank white one to start from scratch.

Add some Text – This can be moved, resized, font changed etc bu using the options. You can add more than one text area.

Add Image(s) – Upload & add images and insert into label. These can be resized by clicking & dragging the bottom right corners of the image. The Image can be moved around the label. You can add more than one image.

Adjust Layers – You can adjust the layers. I.e. Put text in front of an image by moving┬áthe block up or down the panel.

Add the product to the basket & proceed to Checkout



You will receive a 70cl Bottle of Pot Lock Gin from our stocks with your personalised Label.

The Gin surprise could be a London Dry, a citrus flavour, a floral hint or another flavour.


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