Grappa is one of those spirits that makes a delightful after dinner treat. But one question we get asked a lot is whether or not it goes well with food, or if it’s best enjoyed on its own after dinner. As a digestif, grappa is excellent at aiding digestion both before and after dinner, and makes a great cocktail ingredient, but the distinctive taste and palate-cleansing qualities of the drink make it a delicious accompaniment to a lot of food.

Here are the best food pairings to enjoy with your favourite vintage…

Grappa With Fruits, Desserts and Pastries

Classic grappa pairings are after-dinner treats like fruit platters and desserts. Our very own Dappa is particularly delectable when served with berries, as well as pineapple, peaches, and apples or pears.

If you have an aromatic grappa, it will go wonderfully with fancy desserts like Neapolitan pastries and fruit bavaroise.

Young grappa, meanwhile, will go splendidly with anything almond based, such as Bakewell tart, or cake and brownies that have a strong almond flavour.

Older grappa is excellent with desserts containing amaretto, hazelnut, and chocolate, as well as anything spicy.

Grappa And Cheese

Another great after-dinner treat to go with your grappa is a tasty cheese board. Sharp, tangy cheeses are good, but if you want the perfect pairing, go for a herbed cheese. We’ve found The Snowdonia Cheese Company’s Green Thunder to be a particularly delightful accompaniment to Dappa, as the creamy mature cheddar is laced with a generous amount of herbs and a lovely hit of garlic.

Grappa With Ice Cream, Sorbet And Chocolate

Finally, let’s not forget the manner in which the Italians serve grappa with food. Gelato is a traditional ice cream in Italy coming in a wide range of flavours, that’s perfectly offset with a generous drizzling of grappa. It goes particularly well with nutty flavours like pistachio, as well as chocolate, but it’s an excellent addition to any ice cream.

As a palate cleanser, grappa also complements sorbet exceptionally well. You can serve it with ready made sorbet, but if you want to be a little more adventurous try something a bit more rustic. Pop your bottle of grappa in the freezer for two or three hours, then serve it with a bunch of frozen grapes and some very high-quality dark chocolate, broken into nice big chunks.

It’s astonishingly simple but incredibly tasty and creates a luxurious (not to mention delicious and visually appealing) treat.

Dying to try out our suggestions? Grab a bottle of Dappa and let us know what you think…